Men’s hooded denim jacket


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Table of recommended sizes.

Weight in kg / Height in cm Weight in Kg 50-55 kg 56-60 kg 61-65 kg 66-70 kg 71-75 kg 76-80 kg 81-85 kg 86-90 kg 91-95 kg 96-100 kg 101-105 kg 106-110 kg
Height in cm 110 lbs 120 lbs 130 lbs 143 lbs 155 lbs 165 lbs 175 lbs 188 lbs 200 lbs 210 lbs 220 lbs 230 lbs
165-170 cm 5’5” XS XS S M M L XL XL XXL
171-175 cm 5’7” XS S S M M L XL XL XXL XXXL
176-180 cm 5’9” XS S M M M L XL XL XXL XXXL XXXL
181-185 cm 5’11” S M M M L XL XL XXL XXXL XXXL XXXL
186-190 cm 6’1” M L L XL XL XXL XXL XXXL XXXL XXXL
191-195 cm 6’3” L L XL XL XXL XXL XXXL XXXL XXXL


Clothing Dimensions: “Men’s Hooded Jacket”

Men's hooded denim jacket XS S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Bust (cm circumference) .. .. 112 116 120 124 128
Shoulders (cm width) .. .. 60 62 64 66 68
Sleeves (cm length) .. .. 50 51 52 53 54
Length (cm clothing) .. .. 62 64 66 68 70
Waist (cm circumference) .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Thigh (cm width) .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Men's hooded denim jacket

Verified quality: our teams check every product at the exit of the factory.

Materials: cotton

About the article: Men’s Hooded Jacket

The fashion item, Men’s Hooded Jacket, is one of the most sought-after clothing in our classic men’s ready-to-wear collection.
The designer has this year’s most successful urban style. This is not a surprise to us. Retro movement is the new way of designing. The outfits of this men’s ready-to-wear fashion designer are often considered our favorite fashion trend trends in our men’s ready-to-wear online store.
This model will become your new favorite. You can bet on it.
The item, Men’s Hooded Jacket is a good quality and cheap model. It is sold here in our men’s ready-to-wear online clothing store.
Ideal for travelling, shopping or lounging at home, going out, picking up all or nothing…
Good quality and cheap, this men’s fashion item is sold here in our men’s ready-to-wear online clothing store.
Ideal for all occasions, travel, shopping or lounging in town or country, go out, as soon as the weather cools a little mid-season, it will be useful while keeping a style of dress at the top.

The available colours: blue

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Additional information

Weight 920.0 kg



2XL, M, XL, L



groupe d'âge



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